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Malpractice Insurance Services


Competitive Analysis

Many agencies have a preferred insurer who pays them higher commissions, and others only represent a…


Policy Review

Insurance policies are often very lengthy, and very confusing.  Then come the changes and endorsements…


Tailor Fit Coverage

Insurance companies often have “shelf-product” policies that provide identical coverages and exclusions…

Contract Review

Contracts often create enormous exposures for insureds, and are often simply signed with little or no…

Impenetrable Coverage for Healthcare Organizations and Providers

  • No Settling Claims Without YOUR Consent
  • Identifying and Fixing Gaps in Coverage
  • Experience The Ference Difference

Our Team of Expert Malpractice Insurance Advisors

Jeff Ference Florida Malpractice Insurance

Jeff Ference

Hugh Edge Florida Malpractice Insurance

Hugh Edge

Daniel Wershow Florida Malpractice Insurance

Daniel Wershow

Andrew Boyd Florida Malpractice Insurance

Andrew Boyd

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Admitted Malpractice Policies

As a general rule, admitted policies and admitted insurance companies (or “carriers”) are best.…


Disability Insurance: What…

If you look up the word “disabled” in multiple dictionaries, there is little if any variation…

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